Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stila lip glaze recommendation?

my semi-formal is coming up so

im looking for a suitable color from

stila's lip glaze line...i havent tried before

so i would really appreciate


this is the lip glaze page;category_id=6%26amp;pos=1%26amp;viewall=yes

and pic of my lip :S

im going to focus more on my eyes but i dont want a total nude color for lips.

thanks a lot!Stila lip glaze recommendation?
those two lips aren't the same!Stila lip glaze recommendation?
its hard to know with out seeing your complexion eye color your going to wear etc....... but looked at the colors and i liked the peach
Get the Nars lip pencil in Papua and fill in your entire lip. This will provide a color base and a base for the lip glaze to adhere to. Lip glaze doesn't last too long without a good base to adhere to. Then choose either banana ( it will give your lips a subtle ';pop'; with the Papua underneath ) or Black Cherry ( for a deeper hue ). Good luck.
raspberry (high gloss fuschia)

Stila make up?

I went to sephora the other day and tried the Stila line of make up. And for the cheap *** packaging ( a plain cardboard brown box with just a clear plastic holder for the eyeshadow not even a lid to the eyeshadow), it sure is expensive! $16.00 for that eyeshadow!!! Does anyone else feel this way? Dont get me wrong the eye shadow is fantastic! It very velvety and goes on so smooth with hardly any flaking off during the application but it doesnt even have cute packaging like say, hard candy, too faced or Urban Decay.Stila make up?
I think the Stila line of makeup is a better quality than a lot of what is out there. As far as the packaging, the Stila packaging is great! The cardboard is eco-friendly. I've owned a few different products of theirs and the plastic holds up for the life of the makeup.

I guess the packaging appeals to a different audience, but i think its sweet!!!Stila make up?
I do think stila is quite expensive but i LOVE their concealer. its amazing. I recently bought some blush and lip products and just 3 products came to a total of 拢30 which i guess is around $60. I do think they are a lovely company but i really adore bee luscious now. You should try them. There well worth the price and have really good discounts ive just spent over $200 there !! (liquid foundation is amazing) ! xx
I only use the Stila Major Lash Mascara but I love it. I don't think its over priced at all. ANd I think that the packaging is cute.
Haha, I'm a drugstore junkie (however, I have tried probably everthing high end too), so a lot of things are overpriced to me. Stila does have some nice products, and I do agree that their packaging could be much better. My eyeshadow broke after one week!

Stila vs. Any other brand?

is there anything i can replace this usefull stila eyeliner with another drug store alternative? (like revlon)BUT something that will work similar to this one;shouldPaginate=true%26amp;categoryId=3865Stila vs. Any other brand?
I know that this is not a glamorous suggestion, but Avon sells good eye liners and eye pencils. The ones that would have the wear similar to Stila brand are known as Glimmersticks. They do not cost a lot, so try at least one to start with, and if the results are good, buy more. Whether you buy one from Avon or several, you won't be out that much money.Stila vs. Any other brand?
stila kajal liners smudge like craazy :(

this isnt drugstore, but i definitely recommend Ulta's automatic liners. theyre about 6 bucks, but they work wonders.

the other day, i skiied with one in ';chocolate'; and it didnt smear a bit, even with snow blowing in my face!鈥?/a>

or sephora brand

Stila color push ups? Have you tried this product?

If yes, how do you like it? Is it easy to apply? Does it last? Does it look natural?

What color is best?

(I'm trying to choose between ';rose';, ';nude';, and ';copper';. I am a light to medium-skinned Asian.)

Thanks!! :)Stila color push ups? Have you tried this product?
All my make up is Stila a lil bit expensive but sooo worth it...

I think you would look better nude.. rose is for white ppl (no offense) and copper for brown complexed ppl...

I LOVE STILA EVERYTHINGGGGStila color push ups? Have you tried this product?
I was just wondering how you liked the product? I want to buy it in Nude Flash too but i'm uncertain of how it'll look. I'm also asian with medium tone skin... Report Abuse

Stila smudge pot HELP?

Hey guys-

Okay here's the deal. I just bought a Stila smudge

pot (color: gray) from Sephora. However, I don't have

a brush for it. Every time I try to apply it, it always

looks sooo messy and gross! It's really hard to put


Is there anything I can use to apply it until I get

a real brush?

And does anyone have any application tips?

Step-by-step instructions?

Can anyone recommend any videos

that show someone doing it?

Any other help would be great.

Thanks!! =]Stila smudge pot HELP?
ahh i know just the brush! its from sephora, the cargo smoky eye brush! it has a blue handle, short brush for smudging or eyeshadow. i have it works great! hope i helped!Stila smudge pot HELP?
Sorry, but I don't even know what a smudge pot is. However I would suggest just getting a brush to apply it, and while you are at sephora, just ask someone for their tips.

Also, they might have informational stories / videos on their website. Just Google it!
i have mac gel liner (the kind you have to wet, sort of like the smudge pots)

and sometimes, you can use a wet qtip and dip it in water then into the smudge pot, or use a eyeshadow brush. It won't be as perfect as an angle brush, but it's still nice =]
You really need a brush. Just go to Sephora and buy an eyeliner brush or small angled brush.

Once you have the brush just dip it lightly in te smudge pot. Hold your eyelid tight with one hand and use the other to place the brush on your lash line, slowly drag the brush out along your lash line to line your eyes.
Try using a Q-Tip. Smudge it in the smudge pot a tinyyy bit, and then hold most of the Q-Tip over your lashes and just a tiny part of it above the lashline and smudge it. Also, search yours drawers for applicators. Those little sticks with the spongey things on top will word, smudge the slightly pointed end in the pot and apply wherever, just carefully and softly. But if it's too much of a pain, Sephora has a great, user-friendly return policy if you bring in the make up and the reciept, and if you dont have the bill then you can still get a credit. Peace. Hope I helped!
I love smudgepots! You can use them many ways. I would reccommend a q-tip if you don't have a brush. Just barely dip the tip in and smudge it along the lashline, if it is too thick of a line, get a bit of remover on the other end and wipe off what you don't want.

If you need cheap brushes in the time being, go to your local craft store. You can get a good thin brush for like 4 or 5 bucks!
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  • Stila cosmetics outlet is in one of the mall in orchard, anyone know which one is?

    It's in Tangs Mall inside the dept Store in the beauty area right near the escalators..

    Stila or Sephora gloss?鈥?/a>


    ?? Which one do you recommend? And is Clinique, Facial Soap, a good way to get rid of pimples?鈥?/a> Stila or Sephora gloss?
    SECOND ONEStila or Sephora gloss?
    Sephora, sephora, sephora all the way. I like it better than the Stila.
    Stila for shureee .

    It works really well !

    But I ' m sorry , I don ' t know about the facial soap .